20 years of corporate visual identity/websites experience as an independent creative consultant.
More than 100 websites of various types globally with a focus on Corporate Identity.
6 years’ experience as website creative consultant for AUB / AUBMC
6 years creative partner for Junior Chamber International JCI-Lebanon
4 years in the educational field
2 years co-founder/co-partner at Reservoir s.a.r.l.
10 years’ experience in Restaurant Branding.

Wo.man by Mary Abi Nader is a Lebanese originated, international design consultancy, specializing in corporate and visual identity, persistently pursuing the integration of insights and incorporating finds into emotional and aesthetically engaging designs.

Wo.man works on creating lasting client relationships based on respect, value, quality, and responsiveness. Different categories of clients ranging from companies, governmental, organizations, individuals, to nonprofit organizations nationally and globally in various countries such as: Lebanon KSA, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Palestine, Canada, UK, France, Mali, Nigeria, India.

Knowing the value of word of mouth referrals, and placing the human being's worth as a primary aspect derives the philosophy behind Wo.man.

Deep involvement is what really matters. It should touch people's life or else it is not worthwhile.