Sweet Soul by Mary Abi Nader
Myriad emotions experienced through life, sometimes across a lotus pond, sometimes amidst the presence of a Guru, sometimes when watching the stars, or measuring your heart’s beats waiting to be inked lest they be lost.. That’s how this book came about.

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Hawa by Mary Abi Nader / Zainab Qasem
When lines shape poetry. Poetry inspired by brush strokes. Combining Mary’s strokes with Zainab’s words. Who said that art isn’t poetry? When art and words meet, the result is a story, even if it’s just a short virtual one.A contemporary short poems book and the main subject is: Hawa or in other words Love. A Stroke of Love. Each stroke or series of strokes expressed in words of love and reminiscence sometimes.A combined effort of equal forms of expression whether in words or brush strokes!

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